Sea Food

Since 1984, Duntower Corporation has specialized in the production, manufacturing, and exportation of frozen fish. The company harvests and processes a diverse variety of fish species aboard its advanced catching-factory vessels and land-based processing facilities, all of which maintain strict quality standards and are fully equipped with the latest technology, ensuring full compliance with international quality standards.

The processing of our products at our land-based plant facilities is carried out within hours of the harvesting at sea and it is done under the strictest international manufacturing standards. Duntower Corporation operates under EU regulations (Directives 91/493 and 94/356 of CCE), HACCP standards and mostly with certified Plants allowed to export to Russia, China and the United Sates. Continuous and rigorous testing, as well as an uninterrupted cooling chain, guarantees the highest quality seafood products for consumers and retail customers in international markets.

We credit our long-standing reputation to our constant pursuit of trading-term efficiency, which assures the most beneficial and convenient conditions for both, our company and our customers. More than 30 years of continuous trading history exemplifies our values of commitment and responsibility to our clients.