DC Team

Through the years, we have developed an outstanding network of talented professionals with a strong background in trading, logistics, finance, marketing and customer service.

Our team of experts conducts business all over the world, fluently handling local markets in all their complexity every single day. This highly experienced group of people is our greatest asset, it adds value to our operations, increases the quality of our global relations and positively influences our presence, image and reputation in international markets.

At Duntower Corporation, we recognize the importance and value of our team members, we are convinced that when it comes to building great, long-term business relationships, people make the difference.


The DC Team

Jorge Alberto Cavallo

General Manager
M + 54911.5889.9177
Email: jcavallo@duntower.com
Skype: jorgecavallo

Carlos Cavallo

Sales Manager
M + 54911.5220.2737
Email: ccavallo@duntower.com
Skype: carloscavallo

Gastón Pezzella

Marketing & Sales Manager
M + 54911.5576.7576
Email: gpezzella@duntower.com
Skype: gastonpezzella

Santiago Hernández

Sales Executive
M + 54911.5606.4094
Email: shernandez@duntower.com
Skype: shernandez1979

Victoria Laurnagaray de Urquiza

Logistics & Documentation
Email: vurquiza@duntower.com
Skype: victora.laurnagaray

María Florencia Dobrodzejunas Huck

Logistics & Documentation
Email: fdobrodzejunas@duntower.com
Skype: fdobro18

Cynthia Martin

Logistics & Documentation
Email: cmartin@duntower.com
Skype: cyn.martin